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Introducing Time-off Manager: The Ultimate Solution for Organisational Leave Management

Functionality and Benefits

The Time-off Manager app is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the process of managing various types of absences within an organisation, such as holidays, sickness, medical leave, jury service, and maternity/paternity leave. With its ability to manage absence categories, link employees to company departments, and assign department heads as alternative approvers, the Time-off Manager app ensures a smooth and efficient leave management process.

One of the key functionalities of the Time-off Manager app is its sophisticated configuration options. It can increase holiday allowance automatically based on how long an employee has been working, ensuring a fair and clear method of leave assignment.

Moreover, the app records each person's working patterns and non-working days, which enables precise holiday calculations and eliminates manual work for users. The app also offers the option of tracking holiday in both hours and days, meeting the varied requirements of different organisations. 

A laptop displaying the Time-off Manager application.
Time-off Manager

The benefits of implementing the Time-off Manager app are manifold. It simplifies the leave request and approval process, reduces administrative burden, and ensures compliance with company policies. By providing a centralised system for leave management, it promotes transparency and fairness in the allocation of time-off, ultimately leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

What's New?

The latest update to the Time-off Manager app introduces a new reporting screen that significantly enhances the managerial experience. Managers now have the ability to build custom filtered reports, which can include detailed time-off history and absence history.

These reports can be easily exported to CSV format, providing a versatile tool for data analysis and record-keeping. This new feature empowers managers with greater insights into leave patterns and helps in making informed decisions regarding workforce management.

The Time-off Manager app is a testament to the continuous innovation and dedication to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of organisations. With its robust functionality and the added capability of generating custom reports, it stands as an indispensable tool for any organisation looking to optimise their leave management process.

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