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Microsoft 365 Productivity Apps

Powering your Business

So365's productivity apps are comprehensive, ready-to-use solutions designed to meet the common functional and process requirements of most businesses.

They work inside your own Microsoft 365 environment, so they are fully integrated with the other Microsoft 365 services you use and with your data and security.


Your users can access apps securely, wherever they are needed, within their normal flow of work – in SharePoint and Teams, or in the browser and on mobile devices.


Flexible and Adaptable

Our productivity apps are quick to install and easy-to-use. They are complete and comprehensive solutions out-of-the-box.


But they also have the same flexibility as our other solutions, so they can be customised to meet unique requirements or can be flexed and extended as your organisation grows or your priorities change.

Time-off manager

Time-Off Manager provides a user-friendly interface for employees and managers to easily book time-off, holidays, and leave requests. It comes with browser and mobile apps for employees and an admin app for HR and the time-off administration team

It automatically calculates individual entitlements, holiday balances, and non-working days based on the company's time-off policy. There is a calendar view to show who is in and who is out, and the approval workflows for line managers are flexible and configurable.


Time-off Manager also detects conflicts, automates the annual holiday period roll over, and integrates with Microsoft 365 tools for seamless collaboration, communication, and reporting.

Available Soon


​A complete resource management solution. Manage your company’s resources, including desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, bike lockers, equipment, and other shared resources.


A complete expense management solution for submitting, approving and tracking expenses. Includes multi-item expense claims, receipt upload and an approval and tracking dashboard.


Maintain and track your clients, contacts, sales leads and opportunities. Includes configurable sales stages, opportunity management, notes, scheduled follow up, and real-time sales dashboards.


Maintain, track and manage your training programmes and other training undertaken by staff. Includes a Training Manager app for the admin team and a self-service Training Kiosk app for staff.

Business Meeting

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