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Time-off Manager

Efficiently manage time-off and increase engagement with a fully integrated Microsoft 365 apps solution

Are you looking for a better way to manage time-off, holiday, and absence requests in your organisation?


So365 Time-off Manager is a Microsoft 365 app solution that makes time-off management easy, efficient, and completely integrated with your use of Microsoft 365. It can help you save time, reduce errors, improve communication, and increase engagement with your co-workers and employees.

Time-Off Manager is installed directly into your own Microsoft 365 environment. This means that you can access it from anywhere, on any device, and within the tools you use every day, like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


It also means that you can benefit from the security, authentication, performance and data privacy features of the  Microsoft 365 cloud you already use.


Time-off Manager Features

Features and benefits for employees, managers, and the HR or time-off admin team.

Simple and easy to use

Easy and convenient booking of time-off, holiday and absence requests, with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can submit, edit, cancel and view your requests in a few clicks, and get instant feedback on your entitlements and balances.

Flexible approvals 

Flexible and configurable approval workflows for line managers, with notifications and reminders. You can approve, reject, delegate and comment on time-off requests, and get notified of any changes or updates.

Automatic conflict detection

Conflict detection with alerts for overlapping or clashing time-off requests. You can prevent double-booking, overbooking or under-booking of time-off, and ensure that your team has enough coverage and resources.

Microsoft 365 integration

Fully integrated with your Microsoft 365 tools, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and the Power Platform, offering seamless collaboration, communication and reporting. 

Comprehensive calculations

A powerful calculation engine provides automatic calculation of individual entitlements, holiday balances and non-working days, based on your company's time-off policy. You can set up different types of time-off, such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity / paternity leave, and other types of absence, and define the rules and parameters for each type.

Who's out calendar

A calendar view of who is out, so you can see the availability and absence of your colleagues, avoid time-off scheduling conflicts and plan your work accordingly. 

Holiday period roll overs

Automation of the annual holiday period roll over, with carry over calculations and adjustments. You can automatically transfer the unused holiday balance to the next year and apply any limits or exceptions according to your policy.

Mobile experience

Designed to work on both Android and iOS mobile devices with a native app for, so you can book holiday and manage your time-off on the go.


Transform your time-off management

So365 Time-Off Manager is not just another software solution for managing time-off.


It is a native Microsoft 365 solution that leverages the power and potential of the Microsoft cloud you already use today. Using Time-Off Manager will transform your time-off management process and provide a better experience for your employees.


A future-proof investment

So365 Time-off Manager is a complete time-off management solution out-the-box that you can easily configure and manage yourself.


However, if you have specific needs beyond its standard functionality, then it can also offer customisation, extension and enhancement options. We can work with you to modify the user interface, the data fields, the workflows, the logic and the functionality of Time-Off Manager, to add new features and capabilities to support your own requirements and policies.

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Ready to transform how you manage time-off?

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