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Custom Development

Microsoft 365 Custom Development

Bespoke solutions and applications development to support, streamline and automate your business processes


Limitless Possibilities

The technologies available within your Microsoft 365 subscription make it possible to develop a limitless range of applications to support processes and data across your entire organisation.

We use these technologies – including SharePoint and the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI) – to develop rich and engaging applications that operate seamlessly within Microsoft 365, at the heart of your business.

Here are a few real-world use cases representing automations and applications that we have built for clients and that are available today in component form for development projects.


Microsoft 365 Development Technologies



SharePoint is at the heart of Microsoft 365. It provides a single platform for storing, managing and collaborating on documents, records, and other content your users create and share. We use SharePoint with the Power Platform to optimise productivity benefits and to create flexible records management capabilities that underpin powerful applications and business solutions. 

Power Apps

Power Apps is Microsoft 365’s low-code application development platform. We work with Power Apps to create custom solutions to support the requirements of key business functions and departments and their end users. Power Apps solutions are also the foundation of our component library that we use to rapidly deliver new applications and solutions.

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Power Automate Logo

Power Automate

Power Automate is Microsoft 365’s workflow automation platform. We work with Power Automate to create automated processes that streamline repetitive tasks, connect and move data, and provide efficiencies across the organisation with automated paperless processes.

Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft 365 data visualisation and reporting platform. We work with PowerBI to create interactive data reports and dashboards that provide rich and compelling visualisations of data, helping to share data insights and support data driven decisions.


Development Services

Velocity is our proprietary model for rapidly developing new Microsoft 365 solutions - on a safe and reliable basis - that is designed to deliver the right solution, extremely cost-effectively and with minimal disruption. 


Velocity makes process transformation accessible to all organisations, regardless of size and budget. It quickly delivers the right solutions, in a reliable and affordable way, helping to transform your use of Microsoft 365 into a true digital platform at the heart of your business.


Getting it right first time

We have worked with many organisations of different sizes, across many different sectors, and have developed Microsoft 365 solutions addressing a broad range of business functions and use cases.

This means there is rarely something we have not seen before, and we can be confident that we have the experience and the business and technical resources to hand to successfully address your requirements.

​This all leads to significantly shorter engagement times and crucially, it means less impact on you and your team’s time and availability. 

Rapid solution delivery

Velocity is the culmination of many successful development projects that have helped us to create a streamlined approach for rapid solution delivery. 

Our model reduces your internal costs and disruption by minimising the need for continual client input, and we leverage our comprehensive library of pre-built components and apps to accelerate the solution build time. Many of the apps within our component library are fully functional business solutions - if these are utilised for the project then the time-to-deliver can be reduced even further. 

The Velocity model is based on a fixed price approach so you can control costs and eliminate the risk of creeping scope and open-ended delivery. 

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​Velocity is based on three important pillars that are central to its model and are responsible for its success.

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All our solutions are based on standard software that is already accessible to you and that you may already use. We only use standard Microsoft 365 services as our development platform, especially the no-to-low code development tools Power Apps and Power Automate, and Microsoft’s enterprise content services platform SharePoint.

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Velocity uses our own rapid delivery model, so we are able to reliably streamline requirements scoping and the design, build and delivery of custom solutions.

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We utilise our own comprehensive library of pre-built components and apps to accelerate the design and build of new solutions. Our component catalogue includes people-centric apps, common business process apps, pre-built workflows and process automations, and re-useable components for user interface design.

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