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The HR system built for you with the power of Microsoft 365

SoHR video

Discover the unique benefits and key features of SoHR, the HR management solution that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 environment.  

Unique Benefits

SoHR is not just another HR management system.


It is a solution that leverages the power and security of Microsoft 365 to provide you with everything you need to manage your HR functions and the full employment lifecycle of your employees. 


SoHR operates within your Microsoft 365 environment, making it readily accessible to your teams through the tools they use daily. It integrates seamlessly with their flow of work, regardless of their location or device, including mobile devices. This integration enhances efficiency, saves time, boosts productivity, and promotes engagement through familiarity and ease of use. 


SoHR Highlights

Seamless Integration

SoHR is built with the same Microsoft 365 technology you already use, so it works smoothly with your existing SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 apps.


This means you can access all your HR documents and content from one place, reducing data risk, complexity, and cost.

Using Phone and Laptop

SoHR Key Features

SoHR enables you to manage all your HR functions and the full lifecycle of your colleagues’ employment, including onboarding, appraisal management, time-off management, compliance with your internal policies, and reporting. 

It comes with three separate but integrated applications – Engage, Control and Core - that securely connect your employees, line managers, and HR team to the information, documents, and services they need to manage day-to-day HR processes.  



A comprehensive HR kiosk for employees, offering self-service functions, departmental community views, and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration.



A management tool for line managers to oversee team activities, manage time-off and approvals, one-to-one meetings, appraisals, and access HR information and metrics for their team.



The central HR application for authorised HR team members, supporting core record-keeping functions, onboarding, and management of employee information and processes.

SoHR Capabilities

Providing comprehensive support for your HR team and your people.  

HR records and document management

SoHR provides a secure and centralised platform for managing HR data and documents, ensuring easy access and compliance with data protection regulations.

Expense management

and approvals

A comprehensive expense tracking and approval system, with the ability to attach receipts, record vehicle mileage claims, and enforce personal vehicle compliance.

One-on-one meeting tracking

The one-to-one meeting feature in SoHR allows for efficient tracking of individual meetings, enhancing HR, line management and employee engagement.



Enhances onboarding by streamlining manager submissions for new hires, candidate management, and automating task generation for successful candidates.

Employee onboarding

and offboarding

Provides a seamless transition for employees entering or leaving the company, with automated workflows that integrate with Microsoft 365 tools.



Facilitates multi-stage performance reviews with your own appraisal forms and tracking of employee progress over time.



Fully integrated with SoHR, the employee directory is a searchable list of all employees, providing their contact information and details of their department co-workers. 



The SoHR Engage mobile app delivers convenient on-the-go employee services like time-off and expense management for both Android and iOS users.

Time-off management

and approvals

An intuitive system for managing time-off, for holidays, sickness, and other absences, with automated approval processes and calendar integration for better planning.

Training requests

and approvals

Allows employees to request training and development opportunities, with a streamlined approval process and tracking of completed courses.



Enables you to schedule, manage, and audit the process of new joiners or employees acknowledging they have read and understood policies or policy updates.

Ready to see SoHR in action?

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