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Microsoft 365 Migration and Adoption

Unlocking Microsoft 365's true potential

Most companies merely scratch the surface of the capabilities offered by Microsoft 365. Our migration and adoption services will enable you to unlock its true potential, boosting productivity and simplifying your business processes.

Whether you’ve already started your Microsoft 365 journey or you’re just embarking on it, supercharge adoption with our full end-to-end services.


Microsoft 365 Migration
Expert help to design, configure and migrate

Work Colleagues

There are many benefits to moving from an on-premises file share to Microsoft 365. It reduces data risks, enables you to access file content securely from any location, and provides the benefits of SharePoint’s more sophisticated file management capabilities.


Much more than this, it is also the first step to unlocking the power of Microsoft 365 to transform the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Realising these benefits starts with a successful migration that is designed and implemented around your own unique business requirements.


We are expert Microsoft 365 architects. We design and build a structure for your files and content that is based on information ownership and on your unique requirements for sharing, collaboration, security, and governance.


Migrating to an environment that is designed around your organisation’s structure and the needs of your teams and users will accelerate your adoption of the technology and help introduce new and better ways of working.


Microsoft 365 Adoption

Our Approach

Microsoft 365 is a suite of enabling technologies that can help people to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and automate repetitive and time-consuming activities.

However, no two businesses are the same, and even the needs of departments and individual users will differ. Our approach to service adoption puts these needs at the heart of the journey, ensuring the experience is tailored to your business and the desired benefits are realised.

To maximise the outcomes from adoption, we work within this tried and tested framework.

Online Conference
Working from Home

Discovery Workshops

Take the first step on your adoption journey and discover the full power of Microsoft 365 and the benefits it can bring to your organisation.

Walking through the main components of Microsoft 365, including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Power Automate, PowerApps, Search, Compliance and Security.

Exploring a pre-built model office environment that uses these services, to increase understanding of potential use cases.

Interactive discussion to explore use cases where Microsoft 365 services could benefit the current business.

A post workshop call to discuss any findings from the workshop that the business would like to further explore.


We can flex our Discovery Workshops from 2 hours to a full day, depending on what you need.

Governance Review.jpeg

Governance and Configuration Review

Health check your Microsoft 365 governance and administration framework and take the first step towards good governance of your organisation’s important information assets. ​


Our Governance and Configuration Review will provide you with a framework that documents the key controls you have available and how these are configured, so you are able to identify any necessary changes or improvements.

The framework includes example guidance for the use of these controls and provides you with a reference guide for considering the administration controls and governance posture for your organisation.


Modern Workplace Fundamentals

Kickstart your Microsoft 365 adoption with Modern Workplace Fundamentals and Adoption in a Box.

Modern Workplace Fundamentals is a best-practice framework of connected SharePoint sites with pre-built libraries, lists and security permissions. The sites cover the information needs of most businesses and create a ready-to-use Microsoft 365 environment to help fast track migration and adoption.

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Adoption in a Box

Successful Microsoft 365 adoption will transform organisations of any size, but small companies often lack the resources and skills to start a successful adoption journey. That’s why we created Adoption in a Box, designed specifically for smaller organisations. 

Adoption In A Box is a unique package of technology, training and best-practice know-how that will jump start your use and adoption of Microsoft 365.

Based on the deployment of the Modern Workplace Fundamentals framework, we've created a simple five step process to ensure a successful migration and an easy adoption of the technology:






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