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Microsoft 365 for every department

So365 Solutions for Every Department

Is your company being held back by a poorly integrated mishmash of software, systems and applications? If your answer is ‘yes’, you’re not alone.


We have good news, though. There is a solution, and you’re probably already paying for it - Microsoft 365. We specialise in delivering pre-built and bespoke Microsoft 365 solutions for all areas of your business, including sales, HR and finance.


Pre-built Solutions from So365

By unlocking the limitless possibilities of Microsoft 365, our fully bespoke solutions integrate seamlessly with your wider Microsoft 365 environment, eliminating data silos.

Whilst many of the solutions we build are completely bespoke, our pre-built applications offer fully customisable out-the-box solutions for a lightning-fast implementation.

Human Resources

A complete HR solution that brings all your HR information, functions and employee services together to streamline and improve your processes and staff engagement.


Enables regulated and supervised firms to easily establish best practice compliance engagement, control, and oversight across their organisation.

Productivity Apps

Easy-to-use and flexible productivity solutions that support your important business functions, departments and users across the firm.

The benefits of using Microsoft 365 applications

Secure and reliable: You own and control your solutions, so you have no dependence on third-party providers. Microsoft 365 provides high availability and reliable performance with your Microsoft 365 security controlling access. 

A future-proof investment: Solutions are adaptable and flexible, quick to implement, easy to use and consistent across your departments and users. They can be continually improved or extended without disruption. 



Solutions are accessed using your existing Microsoft 365 credentials. They are available from any device and integrate fully with SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, providing a seamless experience with your other Microsoft 365 communication and productivity tools. 


Built for your requirements, and with your business in mind.

 A component approach means you only need to implement what you need and can support your unique requirements and your branding. 


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