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Workplace Manager

Enhance your hybrid workplace with a fully integrated Microsoft 365 app solution designed to make the use of spaces and resources more efficient

Are you looking for an improved method to manage shared resources within your organisation, such as meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, equipment, or bike lockers?


Workplace Manager is a Microsoft 365 app solution that simplifies resource management, ensuring it is easy, efficient, and seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft 365 usage. It supports the hybrid workplace by helping you to manage how and when resources like meeting rooms and desks are utilised, saving you time, reducing costs, enhancing communication, and boosting productivity among your colleagues and employees.

Installed directly into your Microsoft 365 environment, Workplace Manager is accessible from anywhere, on any device, and integrated with the daily tools you use, like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Outlook.

You'll also benefit from the security, authentication, performance, and data privacy features of the Microsoft 365 cloud you already trust.


Workplace Manager Features

Features and benefits for employees and your workspace admin teams

Simple and easy to use

Workplace Manager offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly search, filter, and book workplace resources. Managing your workspace bookings has never been easier, with clear information on availability, any related costs, and details of any visitors.

Comprehensive resources

Whether it's meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces or equipment, Workplace Manager supports all your shared resources. Book across multiple locations, view resource details and office plans, and check availability in real-time.

Booking details

Capture essential details like visitor information, catering options, and check-in data. These features improve security and resource allocation and also enhance the overall management experience.

External resource management

Manage rented spaces with the same ease as internal spaces and resources. Workplace Manager displays all necessary details, including costs, and allows for straightforward requests and approvals by the administration team.

Calendar overview

The calendar view provides a graphical representation of resource availability, helping you plan and manage resources efficiently. Spot available resources or conflicts at a glance and optimise your resource planning.

Smart booking and admin

Avoid double bookings with the smart booking feature that automatically identifies and blocks unavailable time slots. Administrators can book resources on behalf of colleagues, move bookings, and have full control over the availability and allocation of the resources they are responsible for.

Flexible approvals

Tailor space and resource booking approval processes to suit your own organisation with configurable workflows. Receive timely notifications and reminders, and handle booking requests with ease, ensuring efficient management of your workplace resources.

Microsoft 365 integration

Fully integrated with your Microsoft 365 tools, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and the Power Platform, offering a seamless experience and enhanced collaboration, communication and reporting. 

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Transform your Workspace Management

Workspace Manager is not just another resource management software solution.


It is a native Microsoft 365 solution that leverages the power and potential of the Microsoft cloud you are already using today. Using Workspace Manager will transform your workspace booking and management process and provide a better experience for your employees.


A future-proof investment

Workplace Manager is a comprehensive resource management solution out-the-box that you can easily configure and manage yourself.


However, if you have specific needs beyond its standard functionality, it can also offer customisation, extension and enhancement options. We can work with you to modify the user interface, the data fields, the workflows, the logic and the functionality of Workplace Manager, adding new features and capabilities to support your own requirements and workflows.


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Cost-effective and flexible pricing

Workplace Manager is a cost-effective solution with discounted pricing for annual payment.


Contact us to discuss pricing for your organisation.

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Ready to transform how you manage your workspace?

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