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Helping you reimagine Microsoft 365

​Our mission is to give you the tools, the solutions, and the support you need to run your business in the cloud using Microsoft 365, and to do so quickly, easily and extremely cost-effectively.

Meet The Team

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Marketing Coordinator

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Development Engineer

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Director - Consultancy Services

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Commercial Director

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What makes us tick?

The team behind So365 has spent many years working with Microsoft 365, advising, training and building solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Microsoft's cloud services have the power to increase levels of control, oversight and productivity - with centralised record keeping, streamlined business processes, and more effective collaboration and communication.

We are passionate about helping every firm realise this power. We want our clients to benefit from Microsoft 365 by increasing productivity, employee engagement and their compliance with regulation.


What's so special about Microsoft 365?

The way we have worked with office technology in the past is no longer sustainable. Traditional filing cabinet folder structures that we create on network drives are no longer fit for purpose, and internal communication using email creates barriers between employees.


Today, all businesses and their employees need to be more productive, and to do more with less.

Microsoft 365 provides a modern, engaging, flexible, cost-effective and secure business platform. One that enables any business to benefit from 21st century working practices.

​​​The tools available with Microsoft 365 - such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps and Power Automate can offer huge benefits for companies that are able to leverage their potential. The kind of potential that was once only available to the largest enterprises, but is now accessible to everyone.

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New business partnership

Partner with us

We partner with MSPs and other IT service businesses that support clients using Microsoft 365, to help them deliver and realise the potential and the value of Microsoft 365 business solutions.

Visit our Partner pages to find out how partnering with So365 can help you service your clients more effectively and add more value to your client proposition.

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