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Partner with us

How we can work together to maximise client lifetime value with Microsoft 365 solutions

Referral Programme

We are excited to announce our new referral programme for partners. 

This initiative offers a lucrative opportunity for our partners to earn a referral fee by introducing us to potential clients for our business applications and our innovative HR management solution, SoHR. When these introductions lead to successful sales, our partners can significantly boost their revenue.


Not only does this programme provide a financial incentive, but it also positions our partners at the forefront of facilitating valuable connections that support their clients' businesses. 

This is more than just a referral programme; it's a chance for our partners to enhance their service offerings and play a pivotal role in their clients' success.


Who, how, what and why?


Who is So365?


  • A team of experts in Microsoft 365 end-user tools that can help your clients realise greater value and business benefits from using the technology.

  • A partner that can complement your technical and migration services with user adoption and learning resources, SharePoint communication hubs (intranets), pre-built Microsoft 365 business solutions, and custom development using the Power Platform.

  • A source of additional revenue for you through our partner incentives and shared project fees.


How do we work together?


  • We can contract directly with the client or indirectly through you, depending on your preference and the client's needs.

  • We offer financial incentives for adoption, consultancy, and development services and for our business solution licenses.

  • We can work with you on new client migration projects, existing client optimisation projects, or ongoing client development and automation projects.


What do we offer?


  • New client adoption projects
    We help your clients discover, plan, and deliver the adoption journey for SharePoint, Teams, and other services with workshops, training, learning resources, and communication tools.

  • Development and automation
    We can build custom client applications and automations using SharePoint and the Power Platform, to solve specific business problems and streamline workflows.

  • Pre-built business solutions
    We have a range of solutions that can be installed and configured in the client's Microsoft 365 environment, such as for CRM, HR, Compliance and hot desk and meeting room management.


Why choose us?


  • We have extensive experience and expertise in Microsoft 365 end-user tools and the Power Platform, offering services and solutions that complement your own.

  • We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects and solutions for clients across various industries and sectors.

  • We have a flexible and collaborative approach to working with partners and clients, ensuring successful outcomes, and value for all parties.

  • We complement the services you provide your clients; we do not compete.

Partner with us to unlock the true potential of Microsoft 365.


Improve client outcomes and the value they receive


Secure your clients for the long term


Differentiate with expert services and grow your client base


Increase the total lifetime value of your clients


Microsoft 365 Partner Briefs

This Partner Brief provides a guide for MSPs 
to help overcome common barriers to 
migrating and adopting Microsoft Teams.


Want to talk about partnerships?

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The So365 team is committed to the success of our partners and to the value our partnership brings to their clients.

Let's work together to deliver the best Microsoft 365 services and solutions to your clients

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