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Simplified, effective management

The compliance challenge is not new, but how you meet that challenge can be. To effectively support your compliance function, your firm needs:

  • Engagement: All employees are part of the compliance story, and their engagement is critical to your obligations to regulators and supervisory bodies.

  • Control: In today's highly regulated world, evidencing your current and historic controls is more important than ever.

  • Oversight: Compliance in a silo is no longer an option. Your individual responsibilities require you to have complete oversight.

Microsoft 365 provides all the tools you need to meet this compliance challenge. 

We have used these tools to create the Compliance Hub, which enables regulated firms to easily establish best practice compliance engagement, control, and oversight across their organisation. The Compliance Hub uses Microsoft 365’s security, availability, and familiar usability to help you optimise the way you manage and control your compliance operations.


Compliance Features and Functionality:

Using the Compliance Hub will simplify the management of your compliance and operational processes, enabling you to meet all your important compliance obligations on a single platform.

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Asset 10.png
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More easily meet your regulatory compliance obligations

Automate processes with customised workflows

Increase compliance engagement by simplifying access for all staff

Reduce data risk and complexity of externally hosted solutions

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Asset 15.png
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Eliminate the cost of externally hosted solution

Increase record keeping and audit trails

Real-time dashboards provide oversight for the compliance officer and external compliance consultants

Simply Office 365 Compliance Hub

The So365 Compliance Hub

The Compliance Hub brings everything you need to manage your compliance into one place. All your registers, calendars, and activities, with connected apps and compliance intranet services available for all your staff.


Manage core compliance control room functions, such as compliance monitoring and testing, regulatory reporting, complaints, incident management, and regulatory risk.


A Compliance Officer Dashboard provides complete oversight, with an immediate view on the status of all activities and the ability to take action quickly and easily. The Compliance Officer Room also provides robust policy management functions, so clients can easily control, review, approve and publish their important policies and procedures, including the ability to issue all staff with recurring compliance declarations.


Using the Compliance Officer Room will simplify the management of compliance processes, release your staff from manual record keeping activities, and protect your firm by enforcing rigorous controls and enhancing management oversight.


The Oversight Dashboard is designed for the firm’s Partners and other members of the leadership team that are outside the dedicated compliance function.


It provides an up-to-date view on the status of all compliance activities, including oversight of overdue or late activities and the ability to interrogate historical data for activities in previous years.


Makes compliance and the firm's current policies and procedures accessible to all staff, enabling them to sign declarations and to view and submit personal disclosures, benefits, and personal trading.


Employee Compliance services are accessed using the friendly and easy to use My Compliance Dashboard that connects all staff to the central compliance function. It provides staff with a comprehensive set of tools to easily manage their own individual obligations.

Ready to transform how you manage Compliance?

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