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How to create and reuse a Planner template

Microsoft Planner is a great tool.

But, for those of us that would like to create a template plan that can be reused across project or client teams then it is painful.

However, a recent Planner update now enables you to take any plan and to create a copy. For those in the know, this also creates a new Office 365 Group.

OK, that's a good start.

But, I still cannot go to an existing or new Team and import that plan as a template. Microsoft say they are working on this, but as usual there is no commitment on delivery date. The only way to currently create a new client or project Team using a “template plan” is as follows.

Beware, this needs some careful coordination and planning!

  • Through the main planner hub (, accessible via the browser, create a new clean plan that is clearly identifiable as your template.

  • When you want to create a new Team that can utilise the template then:

  • Create a new team and select the option “Create from” and then “Office 365 Group” – select the group that has the name of the copied Planner,

  • Once the Team is created, add Planner as a Tab into your channel and select “Use existing plan from this team” – your template plan should be visible in the dropdown.


A somewhat painful exercise, but it does achieve the desired outcome. We really need Microsoft to provide a better way to achieve this.

You might be thinking that in Teams you have the option to create a Team from an existing Team, so perhaps I create a template Team, with my Planner and default tabs and then use that when creating a new Team.

Well, guess what, although your Planner tab appears in the new Team, there is no Planner behind it, and you have to start from scratch.

If you want to follow Microsoft’s progress with template plans, or post your own comment to them, then go here and vote:


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