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Human Resources

Transform the way your HR team operates

Microsoft 365 has the power to transform the way your HR team operates. From automating processes and allowing employees to self-serve, to ensuring data is handled in a safe, GDPR compliant way, the possibilities really are limitless.

So365 has a wide range of pre-built, fully customisable HR solutions that will allow you to streamline your processes, whilst making them more secure and employee friendly.


HR Features and Functionality

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Employee records management

Employee onboarding

Salary and payroll tracking

Time-off approvals and absence management

Sickness tracking (including OSP/SSP)

Appraisal management

Meetings tracking

Expense approvals and management

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Recruitment management


Training approvals and management

Grievance management

Disciplinary management

Leave management

Parental leave management

Asset tracking management

Resource management


Optimise your HR processes

Maximise your investment and minimise risk by taking control and ownership of your own Human Resources solution.

Company-wide integration and engagement

  • Modern and easy to use, suitable for organisations of all sizes and completely scalable and flexible when requirements change.

  • Increase engagement and improve communication with seamless integration to your HR landing page and company intranet.

Comprehensive and flexible

  • Enables you to manage all your HR functions and the full lifecycle of your staff’s employment, including hiring and onboarding, performance management, time and attendance tracking, and compliance and reporting.

  • Flexible deployment of integrated apps for your core HR functions and for self-service by staff and line managers.

Centralised control, efficiency, and security

  • Provides a single place to easily capture and store all the important data and documents relating to your staff and their employment.

  • Data is secured safely within your organisation’s own environment but is easily accessible by your HR team and employees from any location using controlled permissions.

  • Benefit from new information and process efficiencies with workflow automation and built-in data and document controls.

So365 HR Applications

Everything you need to support your HR department and your staff, integrated seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 environment.

Core HR and Self-serve Applications

HR Management

Supports your core HR record keeping functions, including staff onboarding, staff information and employment records, holiday, salary, and absence management. Includes a flexible calculation engine to track working patterns (including flexible and part-time working), holiday entitlements, sickness and sick pay, and parental leave entitlement. 


A single HR services kiosk that is available to all staff, giving them access to their own employment and personal information, to self-service functions, and connecting them to their line managers and the HR team for approvals, appraisals, and meetings.


Designed for line managers to keep on top of staff activities and time-off, and to respond to approval requests for holidays, expenses, and training. 

HR Services Applications


For managing the appraisal process across the firm. Includes a dashboard summarising all pending or completed appraisals, searchable by both individual and responsible line manager. Appraisals can be created and managed for any individual, and tracked by status and appraisal stage, such as objectives setting, interim and final. Appraisal documents are individually attached and always available for review or update. 


For tracking and managing sickness across the organisation. Provides a summary of all individuals currently off sick and a sickness dashboard with current sickness metrics and alerts for triggered milestones for Statutory Sick Pay / Occupational Sick Pay. The Sickness Manager reports on the sickness history for all individuals and calculates the OSP position and OSP payment rates. A dashboard for OSP shows all relevant staff with details of their sickness history and OSP position. 


For managing the recruitment and onboarding process for new employees. Create new vacancies and track candidates through the entire recruitment process, recording Right To Work status, DBS checks, references and other candidate details. Manage interviews, keep notes and create and access all relevant documents and evidence. Checklist templates enable you to define your own tasks to onboard and welcome new starters. Vacancy Management data is integrated with the HR Management solution to provide easy, streamlined onboarding. 


A complete expense management solution for submitting, approving and tracking expenses, including the use of vehicles and mileage claims. Includes multi-item expense claims, receipt upload and approval and tracking dashboards.


Supports the management of parental leave time-off with the ability to create new parental leave events, to track open absences and to search a history of previous parental leave absences. Tracks details of maternity, paternity, adoption and fostering time-off, including statutory entitlements and calculation of Statutory Maternity Pay. 


Designed for managing the grievance and disciplinary process. Includes a searchable dashboard of open and closed cases that can be filtered by case type. Maintains full details relating to both grievance and disciplinary cases, including case categories, suspension details, and details of meetings and appeals. Cases are linked to all relevant documentation. 


Comprehensive time off management with request and approval for holidays, sickness, and other time off. Keeps track of holiday entitlement and includes a dashboard for approval and reporting. 


Enables the HR team to create, schedule and distribute recurring or ad-hoc attestation requests for policies or any other purpose for electronic acceptance by employees.


Available to everyone and designed to be accessible from your company intranet or hub, the Staff Directory is a searchable list of all employees, providing their contact information and details of their department colleagues. 

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Ready to transform how you manage Human Resources?

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